Wait-wait-waiting… or not?

So… you know how when you have furniture delivered, they give you a two or four hour window during which you sit around, waiting, hoping that the nice delivery folks actually show up before the end of that period? Well, I had a very strange delivery experience today.

Background: I ordered bookshelves (from IKEA) last week and a variety of other furniture for my new apartment at the end of November, both scheduled for delivery today. My delivery window from IKEA was 12:00-4:00pm. My delivery window for my sofa/dining set, etc. was 4:30-7:00pm.

So I opted to work from home and be home all day to babysit delivery folks. *sigh*

But here’s the thing… my deliveries came early – both of them.

The nice folks from IKEA showed up at 10:45am, that’s right over an hour before their designated window. I’m lucky I had cleared the room out the night before to have room for my 17 boxes of bookshelves.

So I’m thinking, ‘Ok, so I can chill out for a few hours and work before the rest of my furniture shows up,’ right?


I get a call around 11:30am from the other delivery folks, “We’re ahead of schedule – we’ll be there between 2:00-3:00pm, is that ok?” Um – yes, that’ll be just fine. They arrived about 10 minutes before 2:00pm. (About half an hour after I finish clearing out the room and maneuvering the boxes of bookshelves out of the way.)

So, my seven hour delivery window turned into an approximately 3 hour window of things actually being delivered very efficiently by very friendly folks. Strangely pleasant. Plus, no being stuck at home for an extra four hours. Sounds like a win to me.

Color Me Dazzled

Out with JS tonight, who took me to Dazzle.

Having never been to a Jazz club before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. (I never really got into jazz when I was doing classical music in my youth.) We saw an organ trio (organ, guitar, and drums) and it was fantastic. The musicians were excellent, the music itself was bright and, dare I say, cheerful – quite the change from my typical Gothic/EDM selections, the atmosphere was lovely, and the food was to die for.

In short, highly recommended. If you have the opportunity: go.

My Friend, the Internet

I have long preferred to hold my human interactions in person, where one can see the other person, hear a voice, observe nonverbal cues, etc.. I have held the belief that one creates stronger connections in person, and that the interactions are somehow better face-to-face, and that email is terribly impersonal means of communication.

Well, this theory of human interaction works great when you meet new people in person, say through a mutual friend, or at work, or at a local event, or what have you. But what if you meet someone online? Sure, you can probably arrange to meet in person at some point, but what if that’s not an option for an extended period of time? What if the person you’ve met is really far away (like 7000+ miles away, for example)? Does that connection intrinsically have less value than one made in person?

Having recently taken advantage of the vast networks of the Internet to reach out and attempt to make new connections, I must report that no, a connection made entirely online, need not be dismissed as impersonal or… I don’t know… less valuable than any other connection. Having now made no fewer than two great connections online, one of which holds no opportunity for a face-to-face meeting for several months, I found myself first surprised at the depth of connection that I had found in each new person through online communication, and later surprised that I had assumed that no (or less) depth would be found there.

We all know the folly of making assumptions, and I am quite pleased to set this assumption straight. Besides, as someone who places such value in the written word, who considers her own communication most effective when written rather than spoken, well, as such a person, I simply should have known better.

That said, I have found it very fulfilling to connect verbally with my new connections on an intellectual, philosophical, and/or emotional level. I wonder if some of my existing relationships wouldn’t benefit from the addition of more verbal communication…

Now, being a fan of the written word, I often send cards and notes to friends in the post, but, while full of tangible, emotional connection, cards and the like often fail to create an ongoing dialogue. (Those of you accustomed to receiving said cards and such needn’t worry, they will still be sent!) But perhaps there would be an added benefit to beginning an email dialogue as well, as I’ve recently discovered how well that medium works to inspire ongoing discussions.

New web hosting…

For those of you who have been following my blog (all like 2 of you), you may have noticed that it disappeared briefly and has now reappeared all empty and new-like…

This is the result of my recent switch to new web hosting… and my recent move making my primary computer still unavailable… so older posts will be re-posted at a later date… unless I’m too lazy to do it… in which case, this will be like a brand new blog… whooo.