Wait-wait-waiting… or not?

So… you know how when you have furniture delivered, they give you a two or four hour window during which you sit around, waiting, hoping that the nice delivery folks actually show up before the end of that period? Well, I had a very strange delivery experience today.

Background: I ordered bookshelves (from IKEA) last week and a variety of other furniture for my new apartment at the end of November, both scheduled for delivery today. My delivery window from IKEA was 12:00-4:00pm. My delivery window for my sofa/dining set, etc. was 4:30-7:00pm.

So I opted to work from home and be home all day to babysit delivery folks. *sigh*

But here’s the thing… my deliveries came early – both of them.

The nice folks from IKEA showed up at 10:45am, that’s right over an hour before their designated window. I’m lucky I had cleared the room out the night before to have room for my 17 boxes of bookshelves.

So I’m thinking, ‘Ok, so I can chill out for a few hours and work before the rest of my furniture shows up,’ right?


I get a call around 11:30am from the other delivery folks, “We’re ahead of schedule – we’ll be there between 2:00-3:00pm, is that ok?” Um – yes, that’ll be just fine. They arrived about 10 minutes before 2:00pm. (About half an hour after I finish clearing out the room and maneuvering the boxes of bookshelves out of the way.)

So, my seven hour delivery window turned into an approximately 3 hour window of things actually being delivered very efficiently by very friendly folks. Strangely pleasant. Plus, no being stuck at home for an extra four hours. Sounds like a win to me.