Sharp Turns Ahead

This was a blurb I wrote years ago – I debated posting it with an archive date, but would rather add some current commentary.

Life is never what you expect.
Reality is a fluid situation.
Change is inevitable.

Anytime you think that you just might have figured it out, or figured someone out, the cosmos will step in and show you that no, you really don’t know what’s going on. At all.

You are a tiny little speck of an insignificant creature in the grand scope of reality and the universe.

You don’t get to understand how the world works.
You don’t get to understand what makes people tick.
You don’t get to have answers that make sense.

You get to try to wrap your tiny, imperfect, human mind around illogical, emotional, human responses.

You may think, hey, let’s throw some logic at this puppy, that’ll help.
You’re wrong.
Logic cannot explain the illogical.

Life is not unlike a roller coaster.
You’re either strapped in for the ride, or likely falling to a thoroughly unpleasant doom because you didn’t have enough sense to read the signs that said Buckle Up, Kiddo, It’s a Rough Ride and Sharp Turns Ahead.

Understand that people change.
Understand that you may not like the changes, but they will happen nonetheless.
If you care about someone, give him/her the space to grow and change.

When positive changes occur, don’t fight them.
When negative changes occur, try to work through them.

If you love someone, make sure that s/he knows it.
If someone falls off the pedestal that you were foolish enough to put him/her upon, don’t give up immediately, s/he made it up there once, s/he may well have the wherewithal to return to where s/he once stood in your eyes.

No person is perfect.
Expecting such from anyone is asking to be disappointed.

If you want something to work, make it work.
Don’t whine about how you wish things were better. Make things better.

Do your own research. Create your own opinion.
Make a decision. Stick to it.
Expect adversity and prepare for it.

Believe in yourself.
Chase your dreams. Complete your goals.
Anyone who tells you that you aren’t capable of success is not worth your energy.
Don’t expect to be respected if you do not act in a manner which commands respect.

If you aren’t where you’d like to be in your life, make a change.
If you aren’t the person you want to be, make a change.

Life is a full contact sport. You’re going to get hurt.
Someone will betray your trust, rip out your heart, dance upon it, and laugh while doing so and relish the pain caused to you.
It’s going to suck.
You will survive it if you choose to.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience something amazing just because you’re too afraid of getting hurt.

There are no second chances.

It’s interesting… reading that again. It is, admittedly, a bit heavy on the negatives, but so much of it still rings true in my head. And, as I find myself reevaluating my perspective on life (and who I’ve been for the last four years or so), I realize that I fell rather out of touch with a lot of these ideas, falling into “comfortable” habits and a quiet risk-free existence. Only… no risk means no gain, no growth, and a very dull existence. Avoidance is easy, going out and doing something isn’t. Which means this: it’s time to step up my game, take a few more risks, and really live intentionally.