Merry Solstice

Winter begins today and the season turns to snow and ice and quiet nights. It’s been a long time since I took a look at myself from a spiritual perspective… and now, as the year winds down and the world ices over, I think that it may be a good time to consider my place in the world.

As I turn the page to complete one chapter of my life, I find that the next seems to have already begun, with new people and new plots and even a bit of a new perspective popping up, faster than I could have imagined or hoped for just a few short weeks ago. What a wonderful thing it is to connect with good friends, new and old, and to look to the future with anticipation and excitement. How wonderful to have space in one’s own head and to finally feel grounded and to know which turns I wish to take on the path ahead.

I hope that the change of season brings with it positive changes for all, and that, as the new year unfolds before us, it will be bright and full of possibilities.