No Resolutions, Please

The new year is nearly upon us – isn’t it exciting?

It’s time to sit down and list out our resolutions, just in time to forget all about them by March and continue with all of our old, bad habits.

“I’m going to lose 10 pounds and catch myself a man next year!”

Or not.

But wait – with the combination of Cosmopolitan magazine and society’s judging eyes staring me down, don’t I need to lose that 10 pounds? Don’t I know that I’m not a complete person without a man?

This is why I hate resolutions: they like to pander to society’s overbearing judgement of what we should be, who we should be, and how we should look. And, frankly, that’s crap.

When I look at the new year, I want to set achievable goals to be a better me. The better me that I define for myself. The goals I set shouldn’t be limited to the next 12 months – they should permeate my being and push me to grow and thrive.

It’s not about losing 10 pounds – it’s about being aware of my body, of the nutrients I put into it, the activities I undertake with it, and making a point to take care of the only body I get in this life. (But, yes, it sure would be nice to fit into a size 4 again – thanks Cosmo.)

It’s not about finding a man. It’s about being a good person and a great friend. It’s about going out of my way to ensure the people I care about know how amazing and special they are. It’s about not being a hermit, and not being afraid of going out and making new connections. It’s about putting myself out there into the world and trusting that when the right people  come along, they’ll see my merits and my flaws and love me for them. It’s about being open to new possibilities and taking a chance on someone new.

It’s about grounding myself and reorienting my perspective. Being a complete, autonomous person, secure and happy in myself for being myself.

It’s about reconnecting with the joys of art and creativity. For it is through creative pursuits that the heart, the mind, and the soul truly give themselves to the world.

It’s about learning and growing and adapting constantly.

And, just a bit, it’s about saying “Fuck you, Cosmo. I am beautiful as I am, and so is every other girl you try to shame with your Photoshopped covers and dieting tips. I have better things to do with my life than listen to you.”