Too Many Books

What’s that I say? I have too many books? Surely I jest.

No? I’m serious?

Hath Hell frozen over?

No, Hell still burns on in a toasty, fiery blaze (if you’re into all that noise), and, yet, I find myself truly believing that I have too many books. (Too many things, in general, to be completely honest.)

It is so easy in the modern world to fall into the clutches of capitalist materialism, and lose sight of the more important things in life. Not to say that books are an icon of capitalist materialism, but too many things – any kind of things, I think, are distracting and take a toll on one’s life. It’s too easy to just collect things, without a thought, and then suddenly find one’s life is simply a collection of things, with nothing of real value to show for one’s time.

Remember that scene in Labyrinth? When Sarah stumbles onto the junk lady who promptly begins to pile all of her things onto her back? I’m feeling a bit like that right now – like all of it is junk and that there are more important things to focus on…

For me, at least, it’s time to take a step back, evaluate the value that these things have in my life and let go of anything that is not providing value. This means letting go of books I won’t read and any other things that don’t have a specific value or immediate purpose in my life. My life feels cluttered with things and it is distracting me from more important endeavors.

Clutter is a problem that people create for themselves, and I intend to conquer mine and focus on better things, like completing some of my many projects, grounding myself philosophically and emotionally, maximizing my opportunities to learn, and building better connections with people.

Hmm… nothing like a break up and a move to make one reevaluate one’s perspective on life, relationships, and personal growth. Of course, connecting with someone inspiring doesn’t hurt either…