It’s Like Christmas…

Unpacking that is.

Especially when you didn’t label almost any of your boxes – like I didn’t when I packed for my recent move. The result of cutting this corner is that every box is a surprise! (like Christmas…) The other (less exciting) result of this is that it’s damn near impossible to find anything that you’re specifically looking for…. like the book I started reading in October (before my moving adventure).

But today, dear readers, I have found that book. Not, as you may be thinking, in a box filled to the brim with other books (because that would have made some modicum of sense). No, dear readers, I found this long sought book in the box that also held such items as my double boiler and my creme brulee torch.

The book in question is Philip Jose Farmer’s To Your Scattered Bodies Go. A very interesting read so far; I’m curious how it will end.