Verbs to Live By

Yesterday, I commented on the merits of developing a personal mission. What follows is the (in-progress) framework of my own mission. I say “framework” because I think that to honestly define the purpose I wish to fulfill in my life will (and should) take more than one evening of stream-of-consciousness plus editing.

Living is all about the action verbs. Go there. Do that. But, are going and doing really what makes humanity interesting? What about thinking? learning? creating? connecting? and, more than just doing, experiencing? These are the verbs I choose for my life.

Think: This is about being aware. Aware of my own perspective, aware of what I do and don’t know, aware of the potential consequences (positive and negative) of my actions. This is about evaluating my perspective, my knowledge, and my choices.

Learn: This is about always seeking new information and never stagnating into black and white beliefs. This is about learning new skills and not being intimidated by new things, even if they’re difficult (or appear to be difficult).

Create: This is about actually creating. Not dreaming up creative ideas or stories or dancing with inspirations. This is about making real, tangible art, writing those stories, and taming my muse(s) into the development of concrete results.

Connect: This is about developing and maintaining healthy relationships with amazing people. This is about accepting people as they are and loving them for all their merits and flaws (not in spite of them). This is about building trust and being emotionally available and supportive of those I love.

Experience: This is about stepping outside my comfort zone. This is about not hiding sheepishly behind a book. This is going out and trying new things, meeting new people, making mistakes, and really, genuinely experiencing all of the amazing things that this world has to offer. This is about living intentionally, instead of just being swept away by the tide of mundane habit.