The Doctor Is In

Dr. Nerdlove that is.

Now I’m not usually one to follow an advice column (or blog as it were), and I’m especially not one to read an advice column about relationships, but having gotten a taste of the good Doctor, I keep coming back for more. I spent all week last week cheerfully bouncing down the rabbit hole of the Paging Dr. Nerdlove archives.

Perhaps you’ve clicked the link and are thinking, wait – this is all advice to help dudes meet chicks – you’re not a dude… And you’re right, I’m totally not a dude, but the advice offered by the Doc is generally pretty good advice for getting around in social situations and offers a sound perspective on gender equality, entitlement, and how to not be a creeper, among many, many other topics. And, to boot, he tackles uncomfortable, often controversial topics in a straightforward, intelligent, tongue-in-cheek manner (the footnotes and photo captions/rollovers alone make this blog worth the read). In addition, he takes on the advice column standard: answering readers’ questions (and going a step farther sometimes to really break down a situation), offering direct, sometimes bordering on harsh, feedback.

My favorite part of the blog, though? The cross-references. Read through any article, and you’ll find a wide variety of in-text links. Did Dr. Nerdlove already write an article on a related topic? Link. Did some other blogger/writer/journalist/person post something relevant to today’s topic? Link. (Did I mention my trip down the rabbit hole? I blame the cross-references.)