Playing Photographer

I’ve completed the first round of sorting and clean up on the photos I took at the Contraband show last night.

When I’m playing event photographer, I spend the whole event shooting, and I try to get as many shots as possible. JS was a little surprised last night when I told him how many pictures I took, but I’ve really found that it’s a numbers game. Especially when you’re shooting a live event with lots of motion in low/weird lighting.  I’m usually lucky to have 10-20% of the shots come out. (Maybe I’m just not a very good photographer.)

I hit about average this time: of the 668 shots that I took, I’ve trimmed down to just over 100 that might be good (around 16%).

Next up: cropping and clean up, then whittling down to the best shots to send to the band.

It looks like I haven’t quite left my days of involvement with the music industry behind me, and, as it turns out, I’m ok with that.