The Cutting Edge

I once had a very bad experience with my mother’s stylist. I was so upset about the incident that I refused to see her (or any other stylist for that matter), for like six years. Seriously – I was livid. Plus it took nearly half of that time for my hair to grow out the extra 6 inches that she’d taken off without asking.

For the last few years, I have trusted my hair to Mandi at The Cutting Edge. This is not your mother’s hair salon. Mandi and Joyce are, in my opinion, simply the best kind of stylists – they let their personalities permeate the salon. Local art on the walls, good music playing overhead, and more Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia than I can count.

Now, I’m usually pretty boring with my style – trim the ends, trim the bangs, add a nice, simple demi-permanent red, maybe throw in some low-lights if I’m feeling particularly adventurous.

In November, I took the plunge and did something drastic (drastic for me, anyway) with my hair. It was time for a change, so I went in and talked through what I was thinking with Mandi. She made some recommendations and talked through my concerns all before touching my hair. In the end, I took off about 4 inches, went for a brighter red, and I let her cut layers. (I have always been terrified of layers.) Two appointments later, she’s tweaked the red so that it’s exactly the color I want and so that it stays brighter longer. And those layers that I was afraid of? I love them.

Best. Receptionists. Ever.
Best. Receptionists. Ever.

Of course, it’s these sweethearts (Jimini and Cricket) who really seal the deal. If you’re looking for an out of the ordinary style or color and a salon with a little kick, these are definitely the stylists for you.