What’s In A Number?

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 29 years old.

And not in the ‘I’m really turning 40, but I’m claiming 29 again so that I can pretend I’m not getting old’ kind of way.

I am legitimately turning 29 for the first time this year… And find that I’m not at all sad about it.

I’ve seen friends panic as they’ve neared 30, and I never quite understood the fear. Of course, I’ve always felt like my spirit age was around 30, so I suppose I feel like I’ll just be coming into my natural state when I hit the big 3-0 next year.

Have I accomplished all that I hoped to accomplish in my 20’s? Not quite, but I’m not sad to be where I am:
I am completing my Master’s degree later this year.
I have a challenging and fulfilling career in the works.
I have a home space that actually feels like home.
I have reconnected with friends with whom I’d fallen out of touch.
I have made new connections with some rather exceptional people.
I have learned to step outside my comfort zone to fantastic results.

The last year of my 20’s? It’s looking pretty bright.
My upcoming 30’s? They’re looking to be pretty great too.