Weekend in Michigan

As noted previously, I was in Michigan this weekend for my cousin’s wedding, and a few things happened:

  1. My brother, RT, who was supposed to fly out with me and his girlfriend SL, instead ended up in New York for work all week and had to make his own way to Michigan. This involved a Friday flight… that was delayed until Monday due to weather.  It then involved a Greyhound bus… that was cancelled. And finally a rental car… which he drove from NY to Detroit.
  2. RT’s delay meant that I spent an extensive amount of time with SL (we’re talking like 7 AM until almost midnight when RT finally arrived in Spring Lake). My suspicions have been confirmed: she’s pretty darn awesome.
  3. SL and I found an amazing coffee shop in Grand Rapids, which we stopped in at on a whim after leaving the airport (a separate review of Schuil Coffee & Tea will follow).
  4. I learned that I am apparently completely incapable of parallel parking a rental car. Seriously, folks, it was bad.
  5. I had a surprisingly pleasant time reconnecting with my cousins, aunts, and uncles.
  6. While there was very little snow on Friday and Saturday, come Sunday morning (when RT, SL, and I had to head back to Grand Rapids at like 6 AM), it was practically blizzarding. If you’ve never had to drive on Michigan roads, in the snow, in a rental car, at 6 AM, you’re totally missing out on a thoroughly unpleasant experience.

But, hey, back in Colorado now… just in time for brunch with RT, SL, and my father. As always, this should be… interesting.