Tiger Princess for the Win

Back from Girls’ Weekend (in Black Hawk), and, let me tell you, there are few things in life that compare to getting all dolled up with girls and trouncing around a few casinos.

Slots were played, dollars were lost (and won!), crab legs were consumed with reckless abandon, and drunken frat boys wanted to party with us (well, one drunken frat boy, but he was drunk and insistent enough to count as several). Needless to say, good times were had by all (except perhaps the aforementioned drunken frat boy, since we politely declined his invitations to party).

The big win for the weekend? Mine, surprisingly. While waiting on the girls to powder their noses, I sat down at a slot machine called Tiger Princess and fed it about $5. A few spins in, I hit some kind of outrageous bonus round. It proceeded to give me a dozen or so free spins, many of which won $10+ or provided me with additional free spins. Several minutes later, I had won about $140.

Combine that with some much needed girl-time, and that puts me in pretty high spirits going into the week. Thanks girls!