Some of you might remember that fateful day in October… when one of the wheels on my Jeep decided it was done with this life and forcibly removed itself from my vehicle.

After several long months of paperwork and squabbles with the insurance company (for the tire company whose failure to torque my lug nuts caused this ordeal) I have finally received the last bit of my settlement compensation: a check for the cost of my rental car.

A rental car that I returned in November.

Why did it take so long? Because they didn’t want to pay for it all.

“We see that you had the rental car for over two weeks, but that the time quoted for repairs was only a day or so. But in an effort to be fair, we’re willing to pay for half of the rental costs.”

What they failed to realize, when making this argument, was that the entire first week of my rental car was spent waiting for them to send out an adjuster to look at my car. During which time we could not begin repairs or even really touch the vehicle, else risk them not paying for said repairs. It was another several days before we received a quote from the adjuster for the repairs that they were willing to cover. Then ordering parts. Then actual repairs.

Once this was all pointed out to them (by directing them to their own dated company documents), they finally agreed that yes, I really had needed the rental for half a month, and they would, of course, reimburse me for the whole amount…

… in like two months.


But, hey, it’s all done now, and I can move on with my life, secure in the knowledge that insurance companies are, on a whole, asshats.