Today was… challenging.

Because life is challenging and people aren’t easy.

Two of my friends were in crisis today.

And when a friend is in crisis, you help.

It’s hard to make a difference when someone’s far away, but sometimes it’s harder to be there in person. To watch someone you love curl up into a ball of despair – it is devastating.

I did my best to reach out, to be strong and thoughtful and supportive, to be there for the people I care about, even as my heart breaks for them.

I only hope that it made a difference, that they feel supported, that they feel loved.


Many things in this world are easy to break. Many are difficult to mend. But very few are actually irreparable.

Follow your heart.

Fight for what makes you happy.

You are stronger than you think, and you will make it through this.

Never forget that you are loved.