Goodreads & Guilt

I have long considered myself to be an avid bookworm. Anyone who has seen my [somewhat] impressive display of collected novels will attest to this fact.

But, I feel that in the last few years I haven’t really done the title justice. I feel that I haven’t deserved to call myself a bookworm, because, in the last few years, I have done very little reading (outside of textbooks, articles, and the periodic blog).

What kind of bookworm doesn’t read?!

A sad, disconnected bookworm, like me: that kind.

So this year, I set a reading goal on Goodreads, via their 2014 Reading Challenge. My goal for 2014? A piddling 50 books.

50 books is piddling? [Some of you may be asking.] That’s just under a book per week! And that’s true, but in my youth, I easily knocked out 2-3 novels each week, since when I sit down and take the time to read, I tend to knock them out pretty quickly.

Also, my amazing friend JF set her goal for 100 books (last year she hit 116), and she’s already at 25 (that’s half of my goal).

Me? I’m at 2. And Goodreads is just pleased as punch to inform me that I am currently 8 books behind schedule. Thanks for that

Actually, the guilt trip inspired by the little % graph and the ‘you’re behind schedule’ comment is fairly encouraging, and I’ve been doing pretty well with keeping my Goodreads up to date with what I’m reading (thank you iPhone app!).

Though I do admit that I am likely to squeeze in a few quick-and-easy reads to buffer my count. Yes, that’s a little bit like cheating, but everything can’t be a ~1000 page epic like Stone of Tears, now can it?

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  1. Audiobooks! Especially while doing other (boring) things like cleaning and driving. I finish at least 1 per week that way 🙂

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