So I signed up for a summer class (even though I swore that I wouldn’t), because I was super excited to take another class on web design from my favorite professor.

My Tuesday evenings are now filled with HTML, CSS, and a little bit of iWeb. For those not familiar, iWeb was Apple’s simple, easy, user-friendly WYSIWYG web design software.

I love it. I love it so hard.

I used it for my final project in my last web-design-related class a few semesters back and made a site snazzy and interesting enough that my professor actually made a point last week  to let me know that he remembered my project. (Which reminds me that I need to re-post the site for my online portfolio, now that I’m on new web hosting.)

You may have noticed that I said iWeb was Apple’s web design software. That’s because they stopped updating and supporting iWeb in like 2011 (right after I got my MacBook Pro), which makes me sad. Really sad. It’s just a fantastic little program and I wish they were updating it.

Moreso, I wish I could get a copy of it for my iMac. *sigh*