King Jesus… the Horse?

So this weekend I’m staying with my friend DB and her kiddos.

Today we went to the Renaissance Festival.
Tomorrow we’re going to a show at the CU Boulder Planetarium followed by the Botanic Gardens.

Tonight, however, I’m experiencing some mild religious confusion…

You see, my friend DB is Christian (no big deal) and she is raising her children to have a rich Christian upbringing, which includes faith-related craft projects. Including this, which is hanging on the hallway wall near the guest room in which I am staying:


All of those cut-outs are the big names that you expect to see in a “Who’s Who” from the Bible project: Adam, Noah, Moses, etc.

I skim the names and note that I remember most of these folks from back in the day when my mother insisted that I attend Sunday Bible School, but then I get to the end… and I see this:


And then I’m thinking, “Wait a minute, when Jesus returns, he’s going to be in the form of a horse? I don’t remember that…”

So I’m standing there, in my friend’s hallway, staring at the Jesus Horse, trying to wrap my head around Christian Equine Reincarnation.

DB walks by, and I can’t help myself, I ask about Jesus returning as a horse. She’s confused, and then she looks at the wall. And then she cracks up. Apparently, in the Christian mythology, when Jesus returns he will be riding a white horse; he will not be one. It seems that the kids’ project is missing one minor Jesus cut-out…

I was suitably disappointed. I think Jesus would make a fine horse.