Ready for a sports analogy?

Neither am I, but sometimes it’s appropriate, like when someone (or something, or life in general) throws you a curveball.

Interestingly enough, this analogy is meant to imply that something completely unexpected happened, like what I experienced this evening, but in reality, when the pitcher throws a curveball, the catcher is expecting it (they’ve got some mad hand signals going on), and the only person who might be particularly surprised is the batter.

And really, even the batter shouldn’t be surprised, since the curveball is a pretty standard pitch.

So, what’s the point of all of this? Well, I received some unexpected news and am dealing with it, much like when a batter misses a swing on an unexpected curveball, resulting in a strike-out, and possibly the end of the inning…

Did I just lose the game with my strike-out? Hardly, but it’s still disappointing to miss the ball.

Ok, these sporting references are exhausting. I’m out.