Yes, you read that correctly. This post is about the film Croczilla.

After we completed a painful viewing of SyFy’s atrocity, Sharknado, the friendly folks at Netflix suggested that we might enjoy Croczilla.

We giggled at the title and, on a whim, hit play.

It was great.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a terrible film. But we enjoyed it so much more than Sharknado. We couldn’t stop laughing.

It played a like a live-action remake of a campy anime about a young boy’s love for an outrageously large crocodile and the antics that ensue when the two are separated. In fact, once we started treating the film as if it were an anime, it seemed much more believable. Complete with an over-the-top villain, archetypal clumsy henchmen, and a reasonable amount of character growth, this film was actually a surprising amount of fun.

Highly recommended for your next Bad Movie Night.