Fake Geek Girl

Ok, you caught me.

I admit it.

I’m reading Dune right now for the first time. *gasp*

Call the Geek Police and take away my Sci-Fi Nerd Card.

Or, y’know, accept that maybe my geekdom hasn’t manifested itself via Frank Herbert yet (maybe it will be after my reading concludes). It’s certainly manifested in other ways: let the record show that my bedroom is decorated nearly exclusively with Star Wars fan art.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know the story of Dune. I’ve seen the film and the mini series, both of which I enjoyed. It is a fine story, and I look forward to reading it in its original glory.

But I spent my youth reading Dragonlance and Star Wars and Valdemar and Sword of Truth and Redwall, and Herbert just never managed to make the cut into my schedule. To be completely honest, Lord of the Rings hasn’t made the scheduling cut yet either (She hasn’t read Tolkien?! The Horrors!!).

I may joke about losing my geek cred for having not yet read some of the iconic classics, but in all seriousness, I find the whole idea of “Fake” Geek Girls to just be absurd. (And honestly, I have never been accused of such. Maybe I’m not pretty enough for people to think I’m faking it. Maybe my fellow geek friends just aren’t the kind of asshats who accuse people of faking their interests.) The nice folks at Cinevore seem to agree with me:

When it comes down to it, there is so much geek fodder out there that it is impossible for any one person to have perused it all. (Seriously, ain’t nobody got time for that!)

Revel in each other’s communal appreciation for geeky things and don’t pass judgment on someone for having not read or seen or enjoyed something that you love. Instead, maybe lend him that book you love; invite her to watch that favorite movie with you. Maybe ask to experience their favorite things too. Share your excitement with them instead of rejecting them for the crime of not having experienced it.

Me? I’m going to go experience some Dune and then geek out over it with my friends who’ve already read it.