Anyone who knows me well (or has lived with me for any amount of time) knows that I clutter, especially when I am engrossed in a creative project.

I’m not saying that I’m messy – I don’t leave dirty dishes and empty drink cans scattered about my home, and you won’t find a new species of mold in the deep, dark depths of my fridges, but if left to my own devices for any period of time, I will inevitably find that little piles and stacks of things will just manifest around me.

Some say that clutter is the sign of a creative mind, and I have certainly seen evidence to confirm that. I most definitely clutter more when I deep in the throes of a creative endeavor – all of the bits and pieces of my project scattered about me in a perfectly organized chaos, fueling those creative juices to keep on flowing.

Anyone who has only visited me for scheduled, hosted events has likely not seen this side of me, and for good reason. It is deeply ingrained in my psyche that my clutter is not for public consumption and should be cleaned away when hosting any kind of social event. On the one had, this is good, because it forces me to have homes for all of the things, so that they may be organized when situations so demand. On the other hand, I tend to never leave myself enough time for the cleaning and oft find myself scurrying to tidy at the last minute, which leaves me sticking odds and ends in weird miscellaneous places in an effort to finish on time.

This turns my happy-creative clutter into sad-stressful clutter, because I never seem to have the time to go back and sort through all of the clutter than was hurriedly put away wrong. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve lost something because it got stuffed somewhere in a hurry, and frankly, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of misplacing things because I haven’t done the back-end work of organizing my home well enough that the clutter goes away quickly and easily when I want my home tidy.

Which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks, since my summer class finished. I’ve been pulling things out of closets and cabinets and drawers and boxes, and getting it all sorted. I’ve been getting rid of things left and right; I’ve even hung art on the walls. And I very nearly know where everything is and where it should go.

It’s been very cathartic.

Added bonus: Apparently when I get everything sorted into where it’s supposed to be, I actually have a reasonable amount of free space in these closets and cabinets and drawers and whatnot.

I should have this whole organization project wrapped up by the end of the week (just in time for my next class to start on Monday), and I just might celebrate with a new art project. It’s been too long.