The Great Fixer

I speak, of course, of superglue.

Great for assembling,  mending, and, of course, fixing everything from china to miniatures to broken body parts.

Now, before anyone panics, I assure you that my ‘broken body part’ assessment is more than a little melodramatic.

In my infinite grace whilst cleaning, I broke a nail. Painfully. That fucker split like halfway down the nail bed. In and of itself, no big deal. However, anyone who has broken a nail in such a manner knows that the next few weeks while the break grows out are, at best, annoying, or, at worst, downright agonizing.

My crisis was averted with the help of my pungent friend, recently uncovered in The Great Sorting. Indeed, the solution is so effective that I may well leave a bottle of glue in my medicine cabinet for future incidents.