I have visitors coming in from Ohio tonight, and I am excited.

I haven’t seen either of them in nearly a year, and that kind of separation can wear on a person. We’ve done [reasonably] well at keeping in touch this time around, and I intend to maintain the habit, but the anticipation of my impending voyage to the airport really solidifies how inadequate communication can be.

As we continue through the Age of the Internet, relationships are changing. People don’t meet in person as often, they don’t speak on the phone, they don’t send letters. They post to Facebook. They blog. They observe more than they interact.

I am guilty of these things. And it makes me sad. Nostalgic for the days of phone calls and pen pals, I attempt to resurrect the practices. I call my friends who live out of state. I write them. And it’s better than Facebook. It’s more connective than reading their blogs.

But it’s not the same.

No  digital communication will ever replace the intimacy of a hug, just as no phone call nor carefully scripted letter can replace it.

At least, not for me.