Hello October

October has arrived, and it puts me in a fine mood.

Not only is autumn in full swing, with the foliage changing to coppers and yellows, but the temperature is starting to drop, and a subtle hint of winter is beginning to flirt through the air.

Last October was messy and uncomfortable and full of changes long overdue. This October, however, is sweet with the promise of new connections, new adventures, and another step forward on the path of a bright future.

Even in the face of difficulty, both unexpected and those that I’ve created for myself, I find that the journey ahead of me is filled with possibilities and wonder, and that a few roadblocks along the way are hardly cause to turn away from the challenge of moving forward.

And let’s not forget the most delightfully eerie holiday of the year! Halloween is just a few short weeks away…
Are you ready to get your spook on?