I Swear I’m Not Dying

Hey… remember that time when I was about to fly to Ohio for a wedding… and I had that awful cough… and I went to the ER in the middle of the night… and I had pneumonia?

I remember that time.

That time was about two and a half hours ago.

Now, before anybody panics, it’s not that bad. I don’t have get-thee-to-the-hospital-pneumonia, what I have is more like take-this-antibiotic-and-this-inhaler-and-it’s-good-that-you-came-in-before-it-got-worse-pneumonia. Or, “walking pneumonia” as the friendly doctor called it.

But, hey, I got to have my first chest x-ray:

See those fuzzy bits? That's the pneumonia!
See that fuzzy stuff? That’s the pneumonia!

And they gave me an inhaler! And they gave me a treatment while I was there through this spinning, steaming, breathing thingamajig:

Apparently, the technical term is “nebulizer”

Things I learned tonight:

  1. There is only one 24-hour clinic in Longmont. It’s the hospital.  Incidentally, all of the hospital staff were just delightful.
  2. There are NO 24-hour pharmacies in Longmont.
  3. That nagging voice, in the back of my head, that says ‘hey – maybe you should see a doctor about this’ was right.