Pleasantly Surprised

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a planner. Excessively so. I have my schedule mapped out weeks if not months in advance. The combination of graduate school, projects, and a constantly surprising number of social engagements means that if it doesn’t get blocked into my calendar, well, then it doesn’t happen.

What this also means is that I rarely do anything spontaneously. First, because I rarely have the availability in my calendar for last minute activities (as I tend to be overbooked); second, because most of my friends have learned that if they want to see me, I simply have to have more than 24 hours notice.

Color me surprised when, last Thursday, I received a message from MR (whom I’d not heard a peep from in about 3 weeks, and wasn’t exactly expecting follow up from at that point) asking if I was free. Add to the surprise of the situation the fact that I actually wasn’t overbooked that weekend (for the first time in I don’t even know how long). So we scheduled dinner for Friday night.

And dinner was delightful. Just goes to show that leaving a bit of space in my calendar now and again isn’t the worst idea…