Get Your Hands Dirty

I haven’t touched clay in, oh, about 15 years.

It was never my favorite medium – I always felt most comfortable with a pen (quill or fountain) or graphite in my hand when it came to artistic endeavors.

Clay was always… messy.
It dried out my hands.
It got under my nails.
And it never, ever cooperated with me the way that ink does.

Flash forward to yesterday, when I went out with a sculptor. We were up past midnight (we lost track of time) – hanging out in his studio, chatting, goofing off, and playing with clay… and it was a hell of a lot of fun.

Much more fun than I ever remember clay being in my youth. (Which I find funny, since most people remember their youthful art classes as lighthearted and playful, while I remember them as toiling against a lot of mediums that wouldn’t produce the result I wanted.)

And it reminded me ever so gently (like a slap in the face) just how disconnected I have been from art these last few years. It’s easy to use grad school as an excuse for not being creative, but it really is just that: an excuse. And it’s not even that any more.

Which means that it’s time to reconnect.

It’s time to pick up the pen, to pull out the good ink, and maybe even try a few mediums that I shunned in the past.

It’s time to get my hands dirty. It’s time to make art.