Denver Comic Con

I volunteered for Denver Comic Con this year. Mostly because I missed the weekend passes (they sold out before I’d managed to order one), and I just really didn’t want to spend as much as daily passes would cost.

It’s been a bit of a while since I’ve attended a BIG convention, I think the last was Dragon*Con in 2013, and I was, unsurprisingly, not quite prepared to maneuver around the swarming masses.

It’s not even that crowds bother me so much, it’s that there were so many people that it was nigh impossible to get from Point A to B without taking a shoulder (or wing) to the face. Lucky for me, I’m pretty darn good at dodging things that come at my face.

The upside: I got to chat with a few of my new author friends and pick up a new book (Josh Vogt‘s Enter the Janitor). I got to meet an artist I backed on Kickstarter and pick up a new print (Cody Vrosh). Good times both.

But I’m not entirely sure that the ups outweighed the downs this time, particularly when I compare the experience to my time at Anomaly Con back in March. I may not attend next year.