Tesla: Imagination…

Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century
Sean Patrick

When a book that claims to be about Nikola Tesla (that is Tesla’s name and face all over that cover, right?), I tend to expect the majority of that book to be about Tesla, particularly when that book is less than 50 pages long. Yet, only about half of this book was actually about Tesla, and the man wasn’t even mentioned until I was a quarter of the way in. Wait, I should amend that statement – about half of the book appears to be about Nikola Tesla, because the author fails to cite where any of his information was found.

The author does, however, spout pages and pages of self-help-style commentary about the “Secret to Creativity” and how the reader can achieve anything if only s/he learns to harness the powers of imagination, and then ends the book with a sales pitch for his book touting, wait for it, the “Secret’s of More of History’s Greatest Geniuses.” Wait, wait, more secrets of history’s greatest geniuses? I’m still waiting for the big reveal of Tesla’s secrets. All I got was a brief overview of Tesla’s life and some vague commentary on a few of his inventions. Tesla’s Wikipedia page provides more detailed insight into the man’s life, inventions, and creative process than this book and it provides citations for it’s content, y’know, just in case readers care about where the information came from.