About SR Paradigm

Hi there – this is your friendly blogger speaking, er, writing….

I am the host of the articles, books, antics, and other nonsense that goes on here at PxP, and here on the interwebs, I go by S.R. Paradigm. Shockingly, this is not the name that appears on my driver’s license.

I have a strong background in writing and the English language. I hold a BA in English, emphasis in Professional Writing, minor in Communications. I recently completed my MA in Technical Communication this May. I work as a Technical Writer for a finance company in Colorado. I have half a billion stories bouncing around in my head at any given time (someday they will each come together into something coherent that can be consumed by the public!).

I am an avid reader (you may have noticed that I have a category dedicated specifically to the books that I am reading), and I am constantly sad that I do not have more time to read.

I am a bit of a tea fanatic. I collect teas and teaware, and other tea related hoozits. I am such a tea fanatic that I have a tea-specific site in the works (links will be posted at such time as is appropriate).

And, um, that’s all for now folks…. Enjoy!