PxP & Privacy

You may notice that I refer to real people by their initials, and you may be thinking that kind of hurts the readability of my posts.

The reason why is simple: I respect the privacy of my friends and family, and thus will not lay out their real names for the amusement of the vast audience of the interwebs. I suppose I could have used pseudonyms, but then I have to come up with a complicated list of which alias refers to which person (and what if that person doesn’t like the alias I’ve selected for him or her), besides I want the people I actually know to have some of idea about whom I’m speaking.  And, frankly, it’s just plain easier to use an initial (or two in the case of J names, because holy carp, do I have a lot of friends with J names).

If you know me personally, and you’re thinking “Does [letter] refer to [me/friend/specific person]?” Just ask. I’ll be happy to let you in on the super-secret code I’ve used.

If you don’t know me personally, sorry, you’re stuck guessing. That’s the whole point of the ‘protecting people’s privacy’ thing.