What is PxP?

About the name: Paradigm by Proxy:

Paradigm is an interesting word… one of my favorite words, really. Originally used in a grammatical context, “paradigm” referred to “an example of a conjugation or declension showing a word in all its inflectional forms.”* So, say you’re learning Latin and you’re wanting to conjugate a verb: you reference a table that lists out all of the various conjugations of that verb. That list is a paradigm.

In modern contexts, “paradigm” more often refers to “a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated; broadly :  a philosophical or theoretical framework of any kind.”*

A “proxy” is “a person who is given the power or authority to do something (such as to vote) for someone else,”* so I am, admittedly, taking proxy a bit out of context, as I’m really referring to the blog itself as my proxy.

Here’s the breakdown of my word choice: I am anthropomorphizing the blog to act (as a person) on behalf of myself by exhibiting my philosophical framework to the world. Therefore, my paradigm is presented by a proxy.

In fact, I enjoy the grammatical context of “paradigm” so much that I also took it for a pen name – S.R. Paradigm. Which adds a-whole-nother layer to my title selection: Perhaps I, (S.R.) Paradigm, am being presented by the proxy of my blog. Or, perhaps my philosophical framework (paradigm) is being presented by the persona of my pen name (proxy) via the blog, in which case my paradigm is being presented by my Paradigm…

Are we confused yet?


* Definitions plucked unceremoniously from www.merriam-webster.com, because y’know, Merriam Webster know their definitions…